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The Story Of Emily's Travel: How It All Started

The story of Emily's Travel is captivating and full of resilience, dreams, and the magic of new beginnings. It's a story that showcases the power of turning obstacles into opportunities and the boundless joy that comes from sharing the world with fellow travelers. Join us as we dive take a walk down memory lane to explore the extraordinary journey of Emily's Travel and how it all began.

The Story of Emily's Travel

Chapter 1: A Journey Within

Before Emily's Travel took flight, Emily herself was on a different path. She navigated the corporate world with diligence, working hard to climb the ladder of success. She had big dreams and envisioned a career that would ignite her soul. However, fate had something else in store for her.

travel agent desk

Chapter 2: When One Door Closes...

Life sometimes takes unexpected turns, and in Emily's case, a twist of fate resulted in an unfortunate injury. As she recovered, she was faced with the news she never anticipated—a layoff from her corporate job. Although initially disheartened, Emily knew that every ending heralds a new beginning. Undeterred, she embraced the opportunity to rethink her life's course.

Emily Bookey in 2017

Chapter 3: Dreaming of New Horizons

During her recovery, Emily's mind wandered to her true passion: travel. She had always been drawn to the allure of exploring the world, and now, with a newfound perspective, she dared to dream bigger. She envisioned her dream job—a travel agency that offered more than just vacations but unforgettable experiences that changed lives.

Chapter 4: The Creation of Emily's Travel

In 2012, armed with determination and fueled by her passion for wanderlust, Emily founded her travel agency. It was a journey into the unknown, but she believed in her vision with unwavering certainty. Emily's Travel was born, and with it, a new chapter in her life began.

Picture: Emily Bookey, 2017

Chapter 5: Assembling the Dream Team

Building Emily's Travel was no solo mission. Emily knew that to thrive, she needed a team of like-minded professionals who shared her dedication to excellence. With meticulous care, she handpicked a group of travel enthusiasts who were experts in their respective niches. Together, they formed a collective force that was unstoppable.

Pictures (from left to right): Emily's Travel team at a travel conference, Adam Kladivo, Whitney Wright, Dalton Baglo, Mikal Brown (and his lovely wife) and Emily Bookey.

Chapter 6: Embarking on a Shared Passion

With every destination, every itinerary, and every client, Emily's Travel set out to create unforgettable journeys. The team's collective passion for travel resonated with their clients, and soon, they became known for crafting personalized experiences that were nothing short of magical.

Chapter 7: Honored Recognitions

The love and support of their clients propelled Emily's Travel to new heights. Recognitions poured in, including being named the top travel agency and top travel agent with their host agency, KHM Travel Group. Additionally, they earned accolades from esteemed suppliers like Delta Vacations.

2023 Agency of the Year Award goes to Emily's Travel agency

Chapter 8: A Journey of Gratitude

Emily and her team were humbled by the recognition they received, but their true reward lay in the joy they continue to bring to their clients by creating luxurious worldwide vacations and cruises. Travelers who embarked on adventures with Emily's Travel returned home with cherished memories and a newfound love for the world.

The rest is still unwritten...

As we reflect on the story of Emily's Travel, we are reminded that the most extraordinary journeys often begin with adversity. Emily's unwavering spirit and her team's passion have woven a tapestry of unforgettable experiences for their clients.

Emily's Travel is more than a travel agency—it is a testament to the power of dreams and the beauty of exploration. The love for travel that binds the team together has created a community of explorers who thrive on the magic of discovering new horizons.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, let's continue to wander the world, leaving footprints of joy, wonder, and gratitude.

With love and wanderlust,

Emily's Travel Team


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