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Planning a Trip to Europe

ways to travel Europe

There is something truly special about traveling across the Atlantic and exploring European countries. When we visit Europe we fall in love time and time again! From the architecture, to the food, and the local culture, there are a million reasons to visit Europe. There is, also, many variations in the ways that you can travel Europe.

Emily's Travel specializes in creating worldwide travel itineraries that make travel dreams come true. Based on our extensive travel experience and travel industry certifications, we understand the intricate details that go into planning international trips. When you choose us as your preferred travel agency, you're choosing to plan a trip that encompasses a perfect travel experience.

On today's blog post, we're reviewing the travel package options that we offer when traveling to Europe and other international countries and how planning works. When you're ready to start planning your next international trip, you can get started by completing our quick request form.


Ways to Plan a Trip to Explore Europe

Emily's Travel offers a variety of itinerary options to travel to Europe. We've outlined four of the main ways to travel through Europe that highlight vastly different experiences.

Independent Tour

Traveling independently allows you the freedom to follow your own customized itinerary. On an independent tour, we create travel packages that include flights, airport transportation, rental cars, rail tickets, hotel accommodations, excursions, tours, and travel insurance. When we create an independent tour travel package, we include all travel components to make a complete travel experience fit to WOW our travelers! Many travelers enjoy the flexibility of an independent tour because these travelers are able to confidentially explore the sites while following our expertly crafted itinerary. We recommend this option to travelers who have patience to follow an outlined itinerary and confidentially travel in international countries.

Destination Ideas: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Croatia

guided tour

Guided Tour

A guided tour provides more structure in an itinerary while traveling with a driver and local tour guide who keeps you on track and provides incredible facts and local information throughout the entire trip. The benefit of traveling with a guided tour group is that are logistics are managed by your expert guides, and you just have to relax and enjoy the ride. Guided tour packages include similar travel components to independent tours, although for the most part you are traveling with a small group of like-minded travelers. While some may be "turned off" by traveling with strangers, we encourage you to be optimistic to meeting new friends and sharing in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One reason many travelers enjoy guided tours is that these itineraries often include multiple destinations in one itinerary, for example, visiting London and Paris in the same guided tour. Another benefit of guided tours is that you are often given "time at leisure" in your itinerary to explore on your own or plan a custom excursion that is special for you. Guided tours provide an amazing travel experience and should not be overlooked when considering your options to travel in Europe.

Destination Ideas: Austria, England, France, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Hungary, Turkey

Ocean Cruise

An ocean cruise offers the luxury of exploring multiple must-see European coastal cities while enjoying the amenities of a floating hotel. One of the primary benefits of an ocean cruise is the multi-city convenience, allowing you to visit several cities without the hassle of unpacking multiple times. Additionally, the onboard amenities enhance your experience, with options such as pools, spas, entertainment, and diverse dining choices, making your travel comfortable and enjoyable. Often these cruise itineraries start and end in different countries. When we create international cruise travel itineraries, we always recommend arriving at least one day early and staying one day late to enjoy the port cruise cities if you can.

Destination Ideas: Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey

River Cruise

river cruise

River cruises offer a serene and intimate way to explore the heart of European countries, stopping at charming towns and historic cities along major riverways. These cruise itineraries provide scenic routes allowing travelers to immerse themselves in local cultures. The smaller size of river cruise ships, as opposed to ocean cruise ships, means smaller group sizes for excursions and local experiences. River cruises offer a luxurious experience onboard while still having an active European itinerary planned to see the sites. River cruises often include excursions to help you get the full European experience, but you may want to consider a private excursion to help customize your trip. Just like with ocean cruises, these itineraries usually start in one country and end in another; we highly recommend enjoying a pre- and post-hotel stay to fully immerse yourself in the amazing destinations a river cruise experience offers.

One river cruise itinerary that should be on your must-travel list is a Christmas Markets river cruise where you travel to classic European countries to explore picturesque towns and shop for gifts. The experience feels like a real-life holiday movie!

Destination ideas: Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland


When is Best to Visit Europe?

The best times to travel in Europe largely depend on personal preferences and the experiences one seeks. Generally, late spring (April to June) and early autumn (September to October) are considered ideal due to milder temperatures and fewer crowds. Spring brings blooming flowers and cultural festivities, while autumn offers picturesque foliage and harvest celebrations. However, if you crave summer sunshine and lively atmospheres, July and August are popular despite the influx of tourists. Winter holds its own charm, especially for enthusiasts of Christmas markets, snowy landscapes, and off-season discounts, though some regions may experience chilly weather and reduced daylight hours. Ultimately, the best time to visit Europe is based on one's desired experience, climate preferences, and tolerance for crowds.


How Planning a Trip to Europe Works

Based on what you learned about planning a trip to Europe and the different experiences available, you may be wondering how it works to work with Emily's Travel in creating your trip.

After you complete a travel request form, we host a discovery call where discuss the details of the European experience you're seeking. We'll share some details about the destinations you are interested in and what you can expect to be included in your travel package.

Once we understand the experience you're looking for, we will create a travel package and itinerary proposal. This information will be emailed to you and we're happy to review it with you to help you understand the travel plans and inclusions.

In most cases (depending on the trip type and how far in advance you are planning) we can place a deposit (the minimum amount is specified in your proposal) to secure your reservation. You will be assigned a final payment date in which the remaining balance must be paid.

In between the time of booking and the time of travel, Emily's Travel stays in contact with you to help you prepare for your upcoming trip. We manage the details of the travel components so you won't have to worry about a thing. After your final balance is paid, we organize and prepare your travel documents. We review these documents with you so you feel well-prepared for your time.

During your trip, you can trust that we are standing-by to ensure a safe and smooth trip ahead.


Emily's Travel Inc. is an award winning team of experienced travel advisors based in Minnesota, dedicated to crafting unique and unforgettable worldwide vacations. With decades of expertise in booking cruises, resorts and international trips for individuals, couples, families, friends, and groups, we are your go-to choice for all your travel needs. Our true specialty at heart is coordinating and managing destination weddings, vow renewals and honeymoons for couples and groups around the world as well. Please visit our website for comprehensive information about our travel options, agency details, or to request a trip with one of our expert advisors. Explore Emily's Travel blog, which features our best travel tips and inspiration! For the latest travel deals and updates, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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